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City of Portage

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Charles & Lynn Zhang Portage Community Senior Center Volunteer Application

The New Charles & Lynn Zhang Portage Community Senior Center provides more opportunities for volunteers. Volunteers may assist with special events at the Senior Center and even drive the Senior Center van and more! 

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By submitting this form, I authorize my former employers and school authorities to give any information regarding my employment, together with any information they may have regarding me whether or not it is on their records. I authorize the City of Portage to conduct a criminal record investigation and driving record investigation. I hereby release them and their organization from any damage whatsoever for issuing same. I understand this is not a compensatory position, nor a promise of one. Furthermore, I understand that as a volunteer, I am not able to collect benefits including, but not limited to, Workers' Compensation. I acknowledge that I am volunteering my time and when this arrangement is no longer desirable by either party, either the City of Portage or myself may terminate this relationship.

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If you are 17 years of age or younger, Human Resources will contact you to assist you with obtaining the appropriate work permit.